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Choosing a car repair kit

Car owners know that just filling up with gasoline is not the end of car care. It needs good maintenance and, occasionally, repairs.

For the latter, many turn to service centers for help, but in fact, in most cases, you can fix the problem yourself. You need to buy certain tools. And if you are just pondering on the subject: “Tool kit for a car: which one is better?”, this article will be useful for you.

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How to choose a tool kit for your car?

What is the best tool kit to buy for your car? Take a look at the list below: we list everything that professional and amateur car mechanics carry with them in the car.

  1. A set of sockets. It is needed in situations where the fasteners are hard to reach.
  2. Pliers and pliers are indispensable tools for the car and for household tasks.
  3. A torque wrench keeps you from overtightening a bolt and suffering from futile attempts to unscrew it.
  4. You will need a set of screwdrivers not only at home!
  5. A socket hammer. It can save your car from a dent.
  6. Cable ties. A very important little thing that protects the wires from the hot parts of the car and does not let them get tangled.
  7. Nutrunner. Problems with wheel nuts? This tool will help you!
  8. Cleaners and lubricants for cleaning and lubricating dynamic car parts.
  9. Duct tape or sanitary tape – an indispensable thing both at home and in the car.
  10. Multimeter. With its help you can make sure that none of the wires is glowing and properly conducts energy.
  11. Moisture Absorber. Needed as insurance against an overflow of oil.
  12. A set of wrenches.

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What tool is better for auto repair?

So, we figured out what set of tools to buy for auto repair if you are very serious and want to understand the mechanics globally. The list came out quite long, so we decided to create another, shorter one. It will contain tools that are more useful for regular repairs – frequently used and at the same time mobile.

  1. Duct tape will be useful when you are far away from the garage with the necessary kit or service station, but there is a crack somewhere, wire started to fray, etc.
  2. Nut wrench. Nuts sometimes pop out in the middle of the road, in the place where you still have a long drive to the nearest gas station.
  3. Torque wrench. A perfect match for the previous item.
  4. Disposable latex gloves. On your way to work or an important meeting, you fix your car and no one will guess about it.
  5. A set of wrenches. Nowhere without them! What is the best tool kit for the car we will tell you below?

Which set of wrenches to choose for the car?

Wrenches are the tools that are most often used to repair the car. In order to understand which set of wrenches is better, you need to know about their types:

  1. Horn wrenches. From the disadvantages it is worth highlighting that this type does not capture the head of the bolt or nut as a whole. Because of this, the nut or the cap of the bolt pretty soon begins to “erase”. On the plus side, they are not as thick as the others. This sometimes makes it easier to get to the right nut;
  2. Sleeve wrenches. These wrenches wrap around the nut from all sides, but the nut is rarely accessible from the end;
  3. Socket wrenches are designed for fasteners with inner sides;
  4. Combined. On one side – sleeve, on the other – horns. This is the best option for car repair – a combination of a spanner and socket wrench.

If we talk about manufacturers of professional tools, the undoubted leader is the American company Snap-on. There is, perhaps, no equal to it. And this applies not only to the merits of products, but also to price. Also among the leaders are such brands as Craftsman, DEWALT, Williams, WORKPRO.

Max Welder (rvneeded)

Max Welder (rvneeded)

Max Welder is a mechanic enthusiast. Currently, working at a small company. Experienced in electronics, car tools, and security systems. In his spare time, he writes articles for various blogs.

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