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To make music additionally more powerful and to create more pressure in the interior, a car subwoofer is necessary. There are different models, sizes and designs.

In addition, depending on the type, you have several options to install a subwoofer, which you can choose.

Nowadays, there are many shallow mount subwoofers on the market. This is because many manufacturers bring out new subwoofers every year.

We have therefore taken a close look at the different shallow mount subwoofers for you. You will surely find the right product in our best lists. In our flat subwoofer review, we present the best shallow mount subwoofers. You can find more information about important criteria for the selection of a flat subwoofer in the guide below the table.

What you should pay attention to first of all

  • Basically, a distinction is made between an active and passive variant. If a car subwoofer is active, an amplifier is integrated. If the car subwoofer is passive, an additional amplifier must be installed.
  • Depending on the model, a car subwoofer can be installed under the seat. Alternatively, you can also find a car subwoofer for the spare wheel well.
  • Do not pay attention exclusively to high peak power. Much more important is the RMS value, which is the average continuous load. Other important features include frequency response in Hz, low-pass filter, and phase switch.

Buying Guide

If the music in the car sounds too high, and you want deep bass, you need a subwoofer. The rule here is the bigger, the better. The diaphragm must have a diameter of at least 20 cm for the device to be called a subwoofer.

But not only the size of the membrane is crucial. Furthermore, the amount of average power (power handling RMS), as well as the frequency response should be considered. If all these features are matched with each other, you will get an excellent sound. In addition, it is also very important that a car subwoofer can be adjusted.

The installation option is an important feature and to consider. Among other things, a car subwoofer can be mounted under the seat. We will now tell you some advantages and disadvantages of this variant:


  • The car subwoofer is small and compact in design.
  • Can be installed in any car model.
  • Space remains in the trunk and spare wheel well.


  • Because of the small space, the car subwoofer is flat and small.
  • Consequently, the maximum level is smaller, so the bass is not so deep.

How to find the right car subwoofer

Before it comes to features such as frequency response and power handling RMS in watts, you should think about the design. Because with this you decide at the same time where you want to install the car subwoofer. For example, you can find a car subwoofer for the spare wheel well. If the car subwoofer is small, it can also be placed under the seat. However, if the size of the enclosure does not matter and the subwoofer is to be placed in the trunk, you have a free choice.

Another important criterion is whether your new car subwoofer should work passively or actively. With the passive variant, an additional external amplifier is necessary to provide reasonable sound and power.

Main characteristics

If a car subwoofer is to be inexpensive, the model is somewhat smaller and has less power, depending on the brand. If you want your car subwoofer set to produce decent bass, you should opt for at least 100 watts of power handling RMS.

The cone is important for the sound quality.

In addition to large enclosures, the small designs are also in vogue and useful depending on your needs. Among other things, a car subwoofer can be flat if it is to disappear under the car seat, for example. The frequency response in Hz should also be the right one.

Depending on what kind of music system is currently installed in your car, the subwoofer should meet certain characteristics. Probably the most important feature is, among other things, whether it is a car subwoofer with a power amplifier or without. If there is no amplifier in your car, this variant is necessary to produce a powerful bass.

Best subwoofer box for deep bass

Best choice

BOSS Audio Systems Car Subwoofer

This subwoofer will thrive in well in a ported enclosure. This enclosure will be bigger than a sealed enclosure, and it also has greater SPL output, resulting in chest-thumping bass with authority. For proper tuning and optimum subwoofer performance in a ported enclosure, we recommend using an amplifier with a subsonic filter.

  • 4,6 Rating
  • 800 Watts MAX 400 Watts RMS Power Handling.
  • Polypropylene Cone and Rubber Surround.

Best subwoofer for truck and cars


Rockford Fosgate Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer



  • Rating: 4,7 ∗∗∗∗∗
  • Slim 8” 2-Ohm DVC (dual voice coil).
  • Max power: 150 Watts RMS/300 Watts.


Rockford Fosgate DVC Shallow Subwoofer



  • Rating: 4,7 ∗∗∗∗∗
  • Slim 10” 4-Ohm DVC (dual voice coil) subwoofer.
  • Max power: 300 Watts RMS/600 Watts.


PIONEER Shallow Mount SVC Subwoofer



  • Rating: 4,6 ∗∗∗∗∗
  • Mounting depth: 3″-3/8″.
  • Max: 1,200 watts , 300 watts RMS.


Kicker Single Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer



  • Rating: 4,8 ∗∗∗∗∗
  • Top-mount depth: 4-3/8″.
  • Power Handling – RMS: 400 watts.

Buying criteria

Low-pass filter

  • filters out too high tones;
  • sound does not distort and remains spatial;
  • better sound and decent bass.

Installation possibility

  • depending on size and compactness suitable for certain areas;
  • e.g. for the spare wheel well or under the car seat;
  • especially space-saving variants possible.

Woofer diameter

  • indicates how large the plate or diaphragm is;
  • the larger the diaphragm, the more intense the bass.

Difference between open and closed car subwoofers

Since the question often arises as to which variant is actually the best and what advantages and disadvantages they have, we will now go into this. Which is the best car subwoofer for you is usually decided by the enclosure size.

Closed enclosures have no opening on the bass reflex tube and hence their name. Inside the enclosure, the air is compressed, but this also requires more energy. The biggest advantage here is the flat and compact design.

An open cabinet is also known as a bass reflex, here there is an opening at the end of the bass reflex tube. Accordingly, air can also flow in and out of the housing, which creates a powerful bass. Other advantages are low energy consumption and the achievement of very low frequencies.

Passive or active subwoofer?

An active subwoofer has its own amplifier built into the cabinet. For the power supply, the subwoofer with a power amplifier needs a separate power line. In this case, the subwoofer cable of the car radio serves only as a data line for the audio signal. Many customers prefer this model because the installation is simple and the frequency adjustment is done in a few simple steps. For this purpose, the amplifier module integrated with the stereo subwoofer provides the necessary rotary controls.

The counterpart to the subwoofer active is the passive subwoofer box. In this model, the subwoofer cable provides both the audio signal and the necessary power to drive the magnet. However, this requires a powerful amplifier that can supply the subwoofer with sufficient power. A passive subwoofer is usually cheaper, as it does not contain an amplifier module. However, the cost of a car radio with a powerful amplifier or an additional power amplifier must be taken into account. One should not underestimate the effort required for installation.

Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of an active and passive subwoofer:

Subwoofer active:

  • has an integrated amplifier module;
  • the installation is easy, as well as the frequency adjustment;
  • amplifier, cabinet, and chassis are matched to each other;
  • more expensive;
  • for the subwoofer with a power amplifier, a separate power line is necessary.

Subwoofer passive:

  • cheaper;
  • the installation is more complex;
  • subwoofer must fit the system;
  • possibly an additional power amplifier must be installed.


The size of your car or the space available should no longer limit you from enjoying big bass sounds. With these shallow mount subwoofers, you should be able to get those rich beats in your car. Shallow mount subwoofers are compact, easy to install, and serves as a practical solution to any audio enthusiast who wants to transform the audio system within no time.

Pioneer TS-A Shallow Subwoofer Family - What's in the Box? - Video

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