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Best Electric Tongue Jacks for RV

Almost everyone with experience towing trailers understands that coupling trailers is troublesome, particularly when no one else is nearby to help. No matter what arrangements are made, the coupling process normally takes a lot of endurance and significantly stresses the body’s muscles.

Therefore, simplifying trailer coupling is among the main goals of contemporary towing firms, and a lot of them use electric jacks for this task. Using such jacks, you can always lift and adjust your trailers swiftly, thus speeding up the hitching process.

As today’s market is oversaturated with models, you need not be concerned about running out of electric jacks. In other words, if you don’t have a proper comprehension of the latest choices, you would struggle to find the best electric tongue jack for your trailers.
Luckily, we’ve compiled a handy list of the best electric jacks for RVs on the market for you, so you don’t have to think twice.
Below you will find the best electric jacks so you can find out which electric jack is best for your vehicle.

About the author. Max Welder is a mechanic enthusiast. Currently, working at a small company. Experienced in electronics, car tools and security systems. In his spare time, he writes articles for various blogs. Read More…


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Trailer Jack - Best Choice

 4,7 Rating

Lippert Power Tongue Jack Black

– Four integrated LED lights to illuminate the ball and coupler, so you can operate your jack at night, worry-free.
– Raises and lowers your trailer with the click of a button.

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Reviews of Electric Trailer Tongue Jack

Electric Tongue Jack for RV

Best Trailer Jacks


Lippert Power Tongue Jack Black

Lippert Power Tongue Jack Black

– Made from heavy-gauge, steel construction, a durable, textured housing that prevents chips and cracks, and a black powder-coat finish
– Raises and lowers your trailer with the click of a button
– Four integrated LED lights illuminate the ball and coupler, so you can operate your jack at night, worry-free

 4,7 Rating

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Uriah Products Electric Trailer Jack

– Easy to use switch for raising and lowering trailer
– Quick plug-in 7-way connector with plastic holder to keep connector in place when not in use
– Up to 5000 lbs towing capacity

 4,4 Rating

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Quick Products Power A-Frame Electric Tongue Jack

Quick Products Power A-Frame Electric Tongue Jack

– Maximum lift capacity 3.650 lbs.
– Water-resistant electrical components and heavy-duty steel gears sit beneath the clean, sleek plastic housing
– LED work light, and a heavy-duty weatherproof vinyl cover

 4,7 Rating

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Husky Brute Power Jack

Husky Brute Power Jack

– Powered trailer jack with 4.500 pound rating
– Hardened steel gears and soldered connections
– 3-sided LED light system to illuminate hitch and spring bar area

 4,6 Rating

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RAM Electric Trailer Jack with Drop Leg

RAM Electric Trailer Jack with Drop Leg

– Durable hardened steel gears for years and years of normal use
– Crank handle for manual override in case of power loss
– Bright LED light for easy night time hookup

 4,6 Rating

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All our reviews are based only on expert judgment or practical experience with most of the RV electric tongue jacks we consider. We strive to ensure that our leadership is independent and as detailed as possible.

Electric tongue jack - Basics

What is an electric jack?

In layman’s words, an electric jack is a jack that mounts to the tongue of a trailer and features an engine. According to user needs, electric jacks can adjust the height of trailers via their built-in metal base. To work, these jacks must have a steady power source, so they must be powered by the onboard battery.

What is the operation of an electric jack?

When not in use, electric jacks feature compact construction, but when necessary, they can be extended vertically to help stabilize trailers during coupling. When the height of the trailer is at an optimal level, simply stop the jacks and start coupling. When the trailers are safely coupled, the users can completely retract the jacks and then start driving.

Benefits of the electric tongue jack

  • Time and effort: If you fit your trailers with electric tongue jacks, you will be able to set the tongue height to suit your purposes. This implies that you do not have to use your arms and back to move the tongue of the trailer before coupling.
  • Security: if you lift the tongue of the trailer by using your own body, you are always in danger of being hurt. Using electric jacks, you can couple your trailers in a safe way avoiding the risk of injury.
  • Multi-purpose: As the tongue of trailers can be lifted easily with electric jacks, it makes leveling in terrain a piece of cake. This is a significant bonus when you are moving heavily loaded trailers over uneven terrain.

Top 5 best electric tongue jack for RV

Lippert Power Tongue Jack Black

Lippert Power Tongue Jack Black
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The Lippert 285318 3500LB Power Tongue Jack is a model that would be great for your particular conditions. It has a 3,500-pound load capacity, which would be more than sufficient for your 6,000-pound rig.
What we also love about this model is that it has a structured case that keeps it safe from cracks and splinters. Nothing can be worse than getting an item, dropping it, and then finding that it has a bad crack in its construction.

Luckily, with this product, this issue will not happen. Having all the needed mounting hardware supplied already isn’t a bad thing as well: it helps keep the installation process a lot more straightforward and eliminates the need for you to buy something separately.

The manual crank override option ought to give you a good feeling, too. This function lets you jack up your vehicle when the battery is low or not.
And if the battery is not empty, the use of this model is highly convenient, as you can get perfect leveling with just one push of a button. In other words, there is absolutely nothing tricky about this unit, making it always a plus for every item.

Moreover, this model is fitted with four LED lights, meaning that using this jack in the dark is less complex than it could be with some alternative items. Overall, this Lippert item is a sturdy, unspectacular choice that will do the job.


  • Capacity: 3,500 pounds
  • Travel: 18.0 inches (screw)
  • Structured case
  • Heavy gauge steel
  • Gears with angled teeth


  • A lifting capacity of 3,500 pounds
  • A manual crank override
  • Easy to operate
  • 4 LED lights
  • The set is supplied with mounting hardware
  • A textured case to prevent cracks and chips


  • Slow operation
  • Longevity issues

Uriah Products Electric Trailer Jack

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This trailer jack is offered in two sizes: 3500 and 5000 lbs. It has a lifting range of 9″ to 31.5″ with a 4.5″ drop leg. The maximum towing capacity of this jack is 5000 lbs.
It features an easy-to-use switch to effectively lower and raises the trailer. The one-piece plastic body with a waterproof motor makes it very efficient. It is also equipped with an oversized adjustable footplate for excellent stability.

Lowering and raising the trailer becomes a pleasure with this jack with ball head and spindle, which increases lifting efficiency and reduces friction. It features a seven-way quick connect with a plastic retainer that holds the connector in place when you’re not using it.

With this electric jack, you can do your towing jobs more conveniently and quickly. It is equipped with LED lighting that allows you to use it both during the day and at night. It also has automatic overheating protection that prevents damage even if the motor heats up.

Improve your lifting efficiency with less friction and low noise with this ball and screw jack. The life of your jack is extended with its waterproof housing.
Finally, it features a manual emergency crank to save your trailer and jack in the event of a power failure. It has a simple plug-and-go system that allows you to simply unhitch the trailer, plug the jack into the vehicle’s 7-pin socket and press the easy-to-use switch button.


  • Capacity: 5,000 pounds
  • Travel: 18.0 inches (screw), 4.5 inches (drop leg)
  • Customizable foot pad
  • Waterproof engine
  • Fast-connect


  • Fitted with LED lights
  • Comes with manual emergency crank
  • Ensures proper stability
  • Enables easy installation
  • Enhanced lifting capacity


  • The connecting cable is somewhat short
  • The plastic casing is a bit flimsy

Quick Products Power A-Frame Electric Tongue Jack

Quick Products Power A-Frame Electric Tongue Jack
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Given its price, this electric adapter is hard to match. It features the same lifting capacity as some of the higher-priced models and operates dependably after installation. Its functions are quite the same as other models, including a manual crank, a weatherproof cover, and a built-in light.

This particular version puts it all in your hands while the machines make it. Nevertheless, you are ready to use it as soon as you set it up. The main drawback of this jack is the way it is installed. Lots of men and women obtain the process too hard and complex to maintain all the wirings to hitch on this specific system. That is actually just another favorite choice, particularly well for people on the budget (but that do not want to shake their trailer manually). It’s not regarded as an additional option, which might be a part of this key reason why it’s inexpensive.

The engine could be loud and can be slower in comparison to extra ways, although, you won’t need to do some manual work. It is powerful enough, trailers and RVs could be supported. To trailer mixes and several vehicle issues making it tough to find this to operate the first time. Troubleshooting is possible, but it generally takes quite a bit of hard work to track down customer support. This version contains a comprehensive soft cover to prevent damage.


  • Capacity: 3,650 pounds
  • Travel: 18.0 inches (screw)
  • Bubble style leveling cap
  • Waterproof electrical components
  • Heavy-duty steel gears


  • Lifting capacity of 3,650 pounds
  • Manual crank override
  • Simple to use
  • Waterproof electrical parts
  • Bubble style leveling cap


  • Slower running

Husky Brute Power Jack

Husky Brute Power Jack
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Designed with utility in mind, the Husky HB4500 meets the expectations of its owners in the field. With eighteen inches of lift travel and a drop leg that extends to a maximum of six inches, the HB4500 is capable of leveling trailers in a myriad of terrains.

In addition, the Husky jack’s lifting capacity is more than sufficient to lift the tongue of common trailers. So when it comes to raising and lowering trailers in the shortest amount of time, the Husky HB4500 is one of the leading models.

Because Husky’s jack requires very little power to operate, its integration puts little strain on batteries. Therefore, the HB4500 is the model of choice for people who travel a lot and want to conserve battery charge. In addition, the Husky HB4500’s connector basket protects the trailer cable from the outdoor elements. Thanks to the use of some weather-protected switches, you’ll have full control over Husky’s jack no matter the situation.
One interesting thing about Husky’s HB4500 is that it carries a three-sided LED light system, so the work area is illuminated. Needless to say, hitching trailers at night is a breeze with the HB4500.


  • Capacity: 4,500 pounds
  • Travel: 18.0 in. (screw), 6.0 in. (folding leg)
  • Gray
  • Three-sided LED light
  • High lifting efficiency


  • Weather-resistant materials
  • A lifting capacity of 4,500 pounds
  • Ball screw technology to enhance output
  • Rapid operation
  • 6-inch lowering foot


  • Short 30 days’ guarantee

RAM Electric Trailer Jack with Drop Leg

RAM Electric Trailer Jack with Drop Leg
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Our next item is a great option for all the bargain hunters out there reading this article. As you can see, this particular model from RAM not only comes in at a low price but is also made out of premium quality material which you would usually see in costlier choices.

Specifically, the corrosion-resistant zinc used to make the footplate and inner tube is a top-notch high-quality material that will make sure this jack is built to withstand a long time. The hardened steel gears are a nice touch as well and will help keep this jack in impeccable shape.

We also really love the 7.5-inch drop that this item includes, as it provides the user with space to make extra adjustments. And just like the other items we have reviewed so far, it is supplied with a manual crank jack override, while its cost is a lot more affordable compared to most of the other choices.

The fact that it’s it is simple to operate since everything is operated by a single button, isn’t a bad thing as well. We think that excessively complicated items have a tendency to spoil the overall experience for many people using items like this, and it’s great to note that this isn’t a concern with this electric RAM trailer jack.
LED lighting is also a feature we always like to see on any jack we discover in our research.


  • Capacity: 3,500 pounds
  • Travel: 19.5 inches (screw), 5.6 inches (drop leg)
  • Powder coating
  • Toggle switch
  • Hand crank


  • Reasonable price
  • Lifting capacity of 3,500 pounds
  • Baseplate and an inner tube made from corrosion-resistant zinc
  • LED light
  • Simple to use and install


  • Limited warranty
  • Low-speed operation


  • Always verify that the hitch and receiver of your vehicle are appropriate for the weight of the trailer before coupling it. The maximum towing capacity of the hitch is always marked, either on the shaft that attaches to the receiver or on the top of the hitch ball.
  • The jack may swing back and forth before it can get a grip on the ground, and you may be hurt. To prevent injury, keep your feet and ankles away from the metal stand of the jack when it extends.
  • Be sure your trailer is in proper working order before you tow it. Lubricate the bearings, tighten the wheel nuts, inspect the brakes, and make certain the tire pressure is proper. Do the same service work on the towing vehicle.
  • Once the trailer is leveled, retract the jack and go around your tow vehicle and trailer once before heading out. Verify that everything is properly secured.

    What to look for when buying an electric jack?

With any purchase, there are factors that will determine your final decision. In this section, we’ll go over these essentials so you know what to expect from your next electric jack.
We also hope that this section will further your idea of the quality of a jack that you have gained from our product reviews.

Lifting capacity

The lifting capacity that your jack must have is an essential part of the whole process. After all, if the product you buy cannot be operated safely under the circumstances, it can have dire consequences.
To make sure that you know what lifting capacity your jack needs, you need to find out how much the tongue of your trailer weighs. The calculation is fairly simple, as the weight of the tongue is usually 10-15 percent of the total weight of the trailer.

For example, if you have a trailer that weighs 6,000 pounds, that means the jack you buy should have a lift capacity of at least 600-900 pounds. We recommend that you buy a model with a lifting capacity higher than the minimum capacity, as this will ensure a longer life for the product.
Therefore, you should opt for a model with a lifting capacity of at least 2,000 or 3,000, to ensure that things work properly. We should also note that electric tongue jacks are generally meant only for lifting the front of the trailer.

In case you want a jack that will lift the whole trailer, you must pick a model that will spread the weight on all the hinges. This kind of jack is also useful for the entire towing experience. Such products normally come with a lifting capacity of 4,000 pounds or more.


Like you might anticipate, durability matters a lot in terms of how happy you are with the electric jack you choose to buy. Honestly, who wants to get a product that breaks or stops working after only a couple of uses?
You can prevent this from happening by checking out the material used in any product you’re thinking about buying. Be certain to find a jack that is either completely welded or sealed to avoid water damaging the product.

When water gets in contact with a jack, it can create all kinds of electrical issues and ultimately burn out the circuit. You also need to look for jacks that are made of corrosion-resistant material, since this is a huge concern with these products.
Especially the base of the jack is normally susceptible to corrosion, since most of the time it is in touch with the ground, and this can lead to the development of this trouble. We should also note that you need to consider avoiding jacks with plastic parts because of their poor performance in the durability section.

Lastly, you should always get a jack backed by a guarantee, as it will offer you a certain level of coverage from accidents. If you have any concerns about the durability of a jack, you might also want to check out customer reviews, which can reveal a great deal about the item.


With electric jacks, you have two choices for installation: either welded on or bolted on. If you opt for a welded-on product, you should assume that it is made to last, thus the name welded-on jacks.
Bolted-on jacks are secured to the tongue of your trailer with U-bolts that can be removed. So you need to choose if you want something lasting or a model that gives you an option.

The shape of the jack

You also have a choice in the shape of the jack itself. These products come in two different configurations: straight tongue and A-frame. You can determine which shape you need based on the front frame of your trailer.
For example, if the front frame of your trailer is shaped like an A, you will need an A-frame jack. In this configuration, the hitch is mounted on the top of the metal frame.

On the other hand, if your trailer has a straight-tongue frame, you’ll need a jack that mimics that frame: a straight-tongue jack.
This sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many people buy the wrong product because of this aspect. So please make sure you buy the right jack shape for your situation. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your well-earned money on a product you can’t use.

Electric/Manual Crank

Some electric jacks offer an incredibly handy feature that you may think is completely useless at first: a manual crank. However, this feature can become very important very quickly if your jack’s battery dies.
In other words, it’s a safety net against any electrical complications that may arise with your jack. A backup plan never hurts anyone, and most of the time, the models that offer this feature don’t even cost much more than the ones that don’t.
Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider a jack with this feature. After all, you never want to be without the ability to lift your trailer when you need it.

Crank type

You also have a choice when it comes to the type of crank: crosswind, top wind, or for some models, both. There is no real right option when it comes to the type of crank, as it mainly depends on your preferences.
However, we would opt for a model with both, as you then have the option to choose the style that works better at the moment you need it.


As with any product, one of the most important factors in the decision is the price. And when it comes to electric jacks for trailers, the cost can vary greatly depending on numerous factors. In most cases, you can expect to spend between $150 and $300 for a high-quality jack.
The models closer to the upper end of this range usually offer useful extra features like a stand or an inflatable pump. The models at the lower end of the range are often made of cheaper materials and don’t offer these useful extra features.
So you’ll need to weigh whether you value things like durability and extra features when setting your budget.

Different types of electric tongue jack


You need to weld or screw the jack over the trailer. It fits snugly behind the hitch. The best electric tongue jacks for A-frame trailers have a lifting capacity of about 2000-5000 pounds. These electric jacks are available for RVs, travel trailers, and utility trailers. These trailers are also equipped with stand legs with wheels or fixed feet.


If the A-frame electric trailer tongue jacks don’t seem powerful, you can get hands-on the heavy-duty best electric trailer tongue jacks. They have a high weight capacity and can easily lift loads weighing 6000-12000 pounds. You will need brackets to mount the heavy-duty jacks for more stability and support.

Side-mounted jacks

These jacks are also bolted or welded to the trailer. They have a pivoting design that allows the jack to swing out onto the trail when towing, or to swing the trailer back into the palace for jacking. Side-mounted jacks are available in three styles: swivel drawbar, tube-mounted, and drop-foot. The tube-mounted jacks can support weights of approximately 2000-7000 pounds. The drop leg jacks have a load capacity of 8000-12000 pounds.

How to install an electric jack?

The installation process varies from model to model. Therefore, it is best to follow the installation instructions in your jack’s owner’s manual. However, if you need guidance, be sure to review the following steps carefully.

  • Step 1: Place the trailer on a flat surface and place wheel chocks under the wheels.
  • Step 2: Remove the old jack. Take this opportunity to clean the spot and remove any dirt.
  • Step 3: Position the new electric jack and attach it. When aligning the holes, be sure that the motor housing is facing forward. When the alignment appears ideal, secure the jack with bolts and washers. Next, determine if a lower support frame is present and install it if necessary. Do not operate the jack without a lower support frame.
  • Step 4: Connect the jack to the battery to power it. Of course, you will need to disconnect the battery during this process.
  • Step 5: Test the jack. Raise the trailer with the electric jack and lower it to see how it performs.


Using all this fresh information regarding these products, you ought to get a greater comprehension of exactly what you are searching for in an electric tongue jack. And that better comprehension should help you narrow down the overpowering amount of choices to a number you can manage.
Consequently, finding the perfect electric jack for you shouldn’t be the daunting task it was prior to reading this article. Moreover, once you have chosen to get the perfect jack for your RV, your life as a motorhome owner is going to get a lot easier, as lifting your camper is not going to be an issue any longer.
Your best choice could be one of the items we’ve covered in our product review. But whatever model you decide on, we sincerely hope that this article had a beneficial impact on your shopping decision.

FAQs Electric Tongue Jacks

✅ How does an electric tongue jack work?

A tongue jack or trailer jack is mounted to the trailer tongue (the overhanging part of the trailer that is attached to the towing vehicle) and deploys to the ground to steady the trailer and lift it to the coupling level of the vehicle. The tongue jack is generally of compact size before use, and while in use, its frame extends vertically to the ground by means of an electric motor.

✅ Can an electric tongue jack assist me in coupling the trailer from the towing vehicle?

You normally don’t have to use a jack to uncouple the trailer, though you can use it for extra stability after you have uncoupled the trailer. You can place the trailer and tow the vehicle on a flat area and place the wheel chocks on the trailer tires. Loosen the hitch lock and slide the trailer towards the towing vehicle to loosen the attachment. Then you can use the jack to stabilize the trailer.

✅ Why does my trailer jack extend but not retract?

It may be an electrical issue resulting from too much weight being lifted. It takes a great deal of strength to lift a trailer. The battery might be low or the system may have failed after it was extended to full height. Attempt to recharge the batteries and provide a small push to the drawbar as it retracts. If that does not work, you may need to have the system serviced by a professional.

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